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Free LT1 Modifications For More Horsepower
In this volume, we go over 5 ways to get more horsepower from your stock LT1 engine car. Simple free changes can unlock free horsepower.

Basic LT1 Bolt-on Parts To Build Horsepower
Answers what are the first mods I should do to increase my car’s performance? Show's you a list of beginner performance parts to get the most from your LT1 engine.

LT1 Engine Block, Fuel, Valvetrain, Power Specs
Here is a detailed file of the LT1 engine including block, stroke, bore, cam and injector sizes. It also includes cylinder head flow numbers.

OBD-I and OBD-II Trouble Codes / Check Engine Light
Full list of OBD-I 93-95 as well as 95-97 OBD-II check engine light codes to help you diagnose them and correct the problem.

LT1 Engine Torque Specs
From intake to oil pan, here is a full list of torque specs for the LT1 engine. It also includes the torque specs for the suspension and braking components.

Common LT1 Engine Part Numbers
We've done the research and will provide you with a convenient list of the most commonly used LT1 part numbers.


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